A shared passion for Jewish studies and academic rigor.

Our master's degree in Jewish studies, with concentrations in Jewish history, Jewish education, and Holocaust studies, aims to create more informed, empowered, and productive members of our Jewish community.

Our Ph.D. program provides graduate students advanced academic training in Jewish studies, with an emphasis upon the intellectual, cultural, literary, social and political history of the Jewish people over the past millennium.

With strengths in medieval and modern Jewish history, literature, and thought, our M.A. Jewish history courses offer a thorough and thoughtful look at the lives of Jews over the past millennium.

Courses in the history of the Holocaust explore anti-Semitic and racist precedents, the rise of the Nazi dictatorship, implementation of the "Final Solution," Jewish responses to the Holocaust, and post WWII legacies.

Our M.A. Jewish education courses focus on effective classroom instruction and management, the day school curriculum, and methodologies of teaching diverse subjects in Jewish studies.

We provide a uniquely supportive environment with students benefiting from close relationships and personal attention from world-class faculty, seminar-style courses, one-on-one mentorship opportunities, and career advancement guidance.

Our graduates have gone on to serve as communal leaders, pursue doctoral degrees at some of the world's finest institutions, and earn top positions at day schools and other organizations.

Our shared passion for learning fuels a camaraderie that unites our students, faculty and alumni.