Jewish History

A scholarly look at a millennium of Jewish history.

As active members of the Jewish community, studying the history of the Jewish people—stretching back to medieval times and extending through to contemporary times—can help us understand the challenges and opportunities we face today.

Whether you go on to become a scholar in the field or master teacher in a day school or yeshiva classroom—or just want the opportunity to learn about your history—Touro will provide you with the knowledge and skills to achieve your goals.

The Jewish History concentration within our Master of Arts program focuses on Jewish history during the last millennium, with particular attention to intellectual history. Courses are offered in-person on our main campus in Manhattan, and can also be taken online at a set day and time (synchronously).

Courses cover a broad range of topics, including Jews and Muslims in the modern world, the Holocaust in film, early Hasidism, and the interaction between halakha, philosophy and kabbalah, to name a few. Our faculty members are leading researchers and acclaimed scholars in their fields, including Holocaust studies, history of the Jews in medieval and modern Europe, American Jewry, Maimonidean texts, rabbinic literature, biblical exegesis, Jewish art, and modern Israel.