Requirements for the PhD in Jewish Studies

Our graduates will be well-trained and well-versed in modern Jewish studies.

Degree requirements for the Ph.D. include:

  1. A minimum of 36 semester credits of approved graduate course work beyond the Master's degree, including at least 24 credits in a specialized area of Jewish Studies, and at least six credits in a cognate field;
  2. Successful completion of a methodological seminar on the use of primary sources of the modern period (3 credits), and a research seminar (3 credits) focusing on methods of dissertation research;
  3. A minimum of 24 credits completed in residence;
  4. Maintenance of a 3.5 GPA to remain in good academic standing;
  5. Three written comprehensive examinations: two in the area of specialization and one in the cognate field;
  6. Oral comprehensive examinations in the area of specialization and in the cognate field;
  7. Demonstration of reading proficiency in French or German, and any other language deemed relevant to the student's program of study;
  8. Submission and approval of a dissertation proposal;
  9. Submission, approval, and satisfactory oral defense of a doctoral dissertation.